Hartshorne Solutions — September 16, 2013

Hartshorne Solutions

October 3 Version

Well, I’ve been up all weekend typing, yet here they are: (I’ve taken then down for now in case, if you need it, please e-mail me).
all the solutions to Hartshorne.

edit (2/2/2015): I was looking through (related to a problem I’m working on) and found an error on the hodge inequality for surfaces -> here’s the real way, based off an exercise in another book: you can find m,n in Z such that D1 (mD1+nD2)=0 so that both (mD1+nD2)^{2} <= 0 by hodge index, and also mD1^{2}=-nD1D2. Now expand the square <= 0 equation, make substitutions, and cancel.