Degrees / basepoint freeness / etc. — October 5, 2015

Degrees / basepoint freeness / etc.

In this note, I have taken the basepoint-freeness stuff out of the MMP for arithmetic threefold germs note, (mainly because it was becoming too long for my advisor to read). I’ll probably polish it up in the future, but for now mainly focus on that paper.

Degrees0.1 , 5 October 2015

Degrees0.3_copy , 10/27/2015

Nov 3. -looks like someone has posted some similar things also using Tanaka’s techniques (maybe slightly weaker since they don’t work with the pair and requires an ample)

Degrees0.4_copy , 11/13/2015 in this version, I use what is shown in degrees 0.3 to show that the MMP for 3f germs paper holds more generally over a Dedekind Domain.

Degrees0.5_copy , 11/15/2015 just a very slight clarification + a few typo fixes